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form a band:


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This is the code used for the first song on my album Blaž Pavlica - Virtual Entheogen


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yessss! much better!

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Oh my goodness. That is stunning.

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Audio transitions in supercollider

Problem? In the domain of images and videos, programs like powerpoint and video editors provide a wide range of "transitions". If you think of powerpoint, e.g., you can switch from one slide to the next directly ("cut"), or you can gradually fade out the first one and fade-in the second one, or you can push in, push out, wipe according to a shape, split, reveal, random bars, shape, uncover,

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Code used in the blog article about audio transitions https://technogems.blogspot.be/2017/08/audio-transitions-in-supercollider.html The program proposes a few ways to gradually switch between 2 sounds that go further than simple crossfading. Can you think of other ways?

Scoring a movie with supercollider, blender, python and osc - part II: keyframing and animation curves

Problem? In the previous part of this tutorial, I described a way to insert markers on blender's timeline, and to use blender's python scripting abilities to convert these markers into OSC messages which then can be interpreted in supercollider to perform commands (e.g. start and stop patterns or sound effects). This approach works very well for sending discrete commands: things like start

Scoring a movie with supercollider, blender, python and osc.

Problem? I want to score a movie with a generative supercollider score (that is, insert supercollider patterns and sound effects, ...). How do I sync the sound to what happens in the video? What if I want to last-minute edit the video? Can I automatically resync parts of my audio to the edited video without having to manually edit start and stop times of patterns and sound effects in my

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This is the supercollider code used in the tutorial about creating a generative movie score with supercollider and blender. The tutorial itself is located here: part I about using markers on blender's timeline to trigger OSC commands at https://technogems.blogspot.be/2017/08/scoring-movie-with-supercollider.html and part II about using blender's keyframes and animation curves to animate parameters in supercollider at https://technogems.blogspot.be/2017/08/scoring-movie-with-supercollider_12.html