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How I missed this ? This is wonderful! I struggled for hours with RecordBuf and the solution is so simple with delays :p thank you

ParkJones - New Album with Molly Jones

Composer/Saxophonist/Technologist extraordinaire Molly Jones and I made an album. It is released by NoRemixes. Here are two video previews of the album as well as the link to the Bandcamp site. All tracks in the album were recorded live. 

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Synthdefs inspired by FM8

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I have the files but I am not sure which version made the dx7.afx so its kind of lost in a way and I am too lazy to compile it again because I remember I had to clear some corrupted sysex files and its a long job,

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very impressive! thanks for posting this. Are there names available for the presets?

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Here is a sound example which calls random preset for each node:

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ready to go version (with the preset file) can be downloaded from here:

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This project aims to emulate the Yamaha DX-7 synthesizer. It almost perfectly emulates the original DX-7 unit. Blind test between original unit and emulations are hard to distinguish. It comes with 16384 presets file which is essentially a collection of original DX7 sysex files from the internet (It's in another file called " DX7.afx ", download link below).

Prerequisite: -> It needs another file which is used as a preset file. Put it in the same location as this " .scd " DX7 synth file. You can download it at -> plugin is needed.

You can also download it as a ready to use pack from the Github:

Episode 1: Thy Holy Cities Are A Wilderness

This track was made entirely in Supercollider. I created a feedback patch and let it run for about 3 minutes with no interference. Then I started reducing levels to make it fade out.

Supercollider file: (6K)
mp3 file: Thy Holy Cities Are a Wilderness (8M)

Episode 2: We Are the Clay

mp3 file: We Are the Clay (5.4M)

I figured out how to make percussive noises with feedback. The trick is to shut the level of each feedback channel way down whenever it makes a noise, and boost it way up whenever it doesn't. To make a rhythm, I added a delay so the boost waits for a specified time before starting another cycle.

Some notes on running the Supercollider patch: In order to reduce duplication, I've moved some of the code into a class called FeedbackMatrix. To run this episode's patch in Supercollider:
  • Download and
  • Go into your SuperCollider directory, and create a subdirectory under SCClassLibrary. Call it eyeballsunClasses.
  • Put in eyeballsunClasses.
  • If Supercollider is running, recompile the libraries.
  • Open in Supercollider and execute each block in order.