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Requires supercollider 3.9dev. (But you probably can use older versions if your replace Done.freeSelf with number 2.) All sounds are synthesised - no samples are used. Some sounds I designed myself, others I reused from various tutorials, help files and other places (like sccode.org). All sequenced into a soundscape of some sorts.


after many years i finally got around to rebuild one of these boxes.

so this old soviet made device is now a wireless controller that send out osc. there are in total 34 buttons, 16 knobs and an additional rgb status led. it automatically connects via wifi to max or supercollider and run on 5v (usb powerbank).

kicad schematics, arduino firmware, supercollider classes and maxmsp abstractions attached below.


the inside is quite a mess. i use an atmega168 together with six 4051 multiplexers to read all the inputs. the wifi module is an esp8266-01.


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i'm also studying drum synths and this was also very useful to me!

don't hesitate in posting your newer ones (:

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Thank you very much for sharing this work and inpiring code ! I could experience various interesting tastes of great noise.

alln4tural commented on 'Eternal sunrise'

nice retro sounds, and nice code! i love the way you generate the 33 synths, and the way you set up and control the piece with a few patterns -- very instructive.

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Requires sc3-plugins: DFM1, Greyhole, JPverb

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I'm so impressed I have no words for it !

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Submission for WESU algorithmic music show.

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Giving a workshop in Jakarta

My institution, The Royal Conservatoire of Glasgow, have sent me on a trip to make connections with a number of potential partners in Indonesia, including the UPH Conservatory of Music, the Jakarta Institute of Arts (IKJ), and Institut Seni Indonesia Surakarta (ISI Solo). I’ll also be visiting Singapore to see Setan Jawa, and talk to the producers about bringing this to Glasgow for a Festival of Gamelan and the Moving Image that we are planning here for September.

Here’s the poster for a workshop I’ll be giving at UPH, that will take in a livecoding demo and a performance of Steadily-Stop! alongside an analysis of Antichthon.